3 December 2020

Australian HR Awards 2020



The Australian HR Awards celebrates the outstanding achievements of the country's top HR leaders, companies and teams.

The awards defined excellence in 2019 with over 830 of the top HR professionals across Australia filling The Star, Sydney to celebrate with the winners. 

Unfortunately, due to recent developments in Australia, we won’t be able to run a face-to-face gala dinner this year. While we’re disappointed that we’re not going to be seeing you at our face-to-face event, we’ve come up with a unique virtual format to recognise and celebrate excellence across the Australian HR profession.

Due to the high calibre of nominations this year, we will be recognising several excellence awards in addition to the winners of each category.

The winners and excellence awards will be announced at a live virtual event on 3 December 2020. The format of the event will be a virtual conference featuring a series of panels throughout the day, followed by the award announcements from 5pm-6pm.

More information to follow.


Jamie Durie

Jamie Durie is an award-winning international designer and author, with over two decades of design experience.

Since launching his own design business, Durie Design, in 1998, Jamie has received more than 33 international design awards, while building a strong reputation as one of the most knowledgeable and innovative designers in the industry.

Durie Design was born in the field of landscape architecture, giving the practice the foundation of its design philosophy. Today, Durie Design has evolved into a multi-disciplinary design practice, specialising in the areas of architecture, interior design, landscaping, and Jamie’s greatest passion – furniture design.

A gifted designer, Jamie’s first furniture collection was created over a decade ago in 2003 and has since retailed in more than 200 department stores throughout Australia. After a successful launch in Europe, Jamie’s collections continue to sell today in over 16 European countries. This includes his collection for the renowned Milan-based furniture manufacturer RIVA1920, which launched in 2013, with a second collection launched in 2016. With over two decades in the industry, Jamie and his team have become famous for creating seamless transitions between the indoors and out. In all of his designs, Jamie’s key focus is enabling a greater connection to the outdoors in a carefully considered environment where furniture takes inspiration from nature.

In addition to his design work, Jamie is also a passionate and committed environmentalist. At present, Jamie works with numerous environmental organisations dedicated to conservation and sustainable design practice. In honour of his work in the area over the last two decades, Jamie was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in 2013 for Services to the Environment & Design, while in 2004, he received the Centenary Medal for Services to the Environment, Television, and the Community. A committed and passionate environmentalist, Jamie has greatly impacted the face of landscape design, inspiring a whole new generation to rediscover their gardens again by showing them how to truly live outdoors.
Author of 12 best-selling books including Edible Garden Design – Aust & US editions, 100 Gardens, Jamie Durie’s The Outdoor Room, Outside with Jamie Durie, The Source Book Editions 1 & 2, Inspired, Outdoor Kids, The Outdoor Room and Patio—Garden Design, and his first one on interior design, LIVING DESIGN. Jamie’s books aim to introduce readers to the art of landscape and interior design, sharing his knowledge and passion in a way that both educates and inspires.

Jamie has also hosted over 54 prime-time lifestyle/design shows on television, airing in over 90 countries worldwide. Since his US debut on Oprah – where he made regular appearances as a celebrity designer – Jamie has also hosted The Outdoor Room and Green Home TV, and Outback Nation in the US. In Asia, Jamie has hosted The Apartment – Asia’s biggest reality show, and in 2019 Jamie hosted Australia by Design, exploring the beauty and creativity of extraordinary design in Australia through four disciplines – Architecture, Innovations, Landscapes & Gardens and Interiors.

In 2019 Jamie appeared on Channel 7’s “The Real Dirty Dancing” where Jamie and the rest of the cast were on location in Virginia to recreate all the magic moments from the movie Dirty Dancing.

House Rules returns for its eighth season in 2020, with new judges, new hosts and "next level" surprises. Jamie Durie will move on from his role as judge, taking on the position of host.

In addition Jamie is the Host of Habitus House of the Year, a show which provides an intimate insight into the innovations and ingenuity of the Habitus House of the Year selection and provides a glimpse into the rarefied world of design excellence.

Jamie Durie’s Groundswell is a revolutionary content project that will change the way people connect with global environmental issues. Distributed across multiple digital platforms, it will celebrate the great people, ideas and innovations in Australia and around the world, and inspire viewers to make sustainable choices in their lives. Groundswell is a direct response to the apathy and disinterest of traditional media outlets to the extensive work being done around the world to find better ways for humans to exist on planet earth. Jamie Durie’s Groundswell will also look at what corporations and industry are doing to change the planet for the better, including energy projects, architecture, agriculture and healthcare.

Jamie is currently based in both Sydney and LA, where he continues to do what he loves – creating beautiful, innovative and sustainable designs both inside the home and out, and connecting people with the environment around them.









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